HUAWEI GR5 KII-L21 Firmware


Months a go I rooted my Mobile Device to test something in Whatsapp, tried bypass maximum members limit in a group, but the method didn’t work anymore.

But programs of my bank stopped working, they were disabled to work in rooted mobiles, I Unrooted Mobile but footprints of root were still exist and the bank program didn’t work.

I had to reinstall the entire Firmware, after hours of searching, I found how to do it, I’d like to share my experience to save time of any one trying to do so.

This method doesn’t essentially require a rooted device and the Firmware only applicable to HUAWEI GR5 Firmware KII-L21

This will erase all data and apps and reset the phone’s software to the Firmware we use.

  1. Download the official Firmware ( 1.5 GB ) from this link!AjCoo32OvSxQlh7imzrmUmeLCjv3
  2. Extract the file and put file UPDATE.APP in SD card in this path SD_CARD/dload/UPDATE.APP
  3. Input this code in the phone’s dialer *#*#2846579#*#* and choose Software Upgrade
  4. Phone restarts and install the new Firmware.

Congratulations your phone is new.

After setting phone configuration, Update your phone
go to Settings -> Update, this will update Phone Firmware from KII-L21_C185B321CUSTC185D001 to KII-L21_C185B321CUSTC185D002

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